Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup Final Special: France vs Italy

Who would have thought, France, Italy, World Cup Final? It's going to be interesting. Hey, at least it's not Portugal! Whilst you mourn England's departure and continue to despise Ronaldo, why not bag a piece of World Cup history? Perfect for glory-hunting wanabees ("I always said France would do it"), or a sound investment for the future - in a few years time, these products will be very valuable to the French or the Italians, depending on who is the victor (I'm gonna go with France).

The Adidas Originals range has been nothing but good quality, well designed & individaul releases - a cut above standard high street fare. The Adidas Originals France Track Top (above) is another great item, and it's now half price at JD Sports (£24.99) - a real bargain. If you are going to wear it rather than keep it for prosperity, trainer-wise I would suggest teaming it (pun intended) with the Men's Adidas Gazelle II in the red / white colourway (right) - themselves a long standing favourite of football terraces worldwide.

If you want to get behind Italy, you're also in luck. The Adidas Originals Italy Track Top (left) is another bargain, again at half price (£24.99). For trainers, I would pair this jacket up with Men's Adidas Stan Smith II white / green (below). Though the Stan Smith was originally a tennis shoe, it's been very popular with footie fans everywhere. The green sole and tongue detail will subtley accentuate the green of the Il Tricolore on the jacket.

Whoever wins, you are sure to look fresh.

Adidas France Track Top click here
Adidas Italy Track Top click here
Adidas Gazelle II Red / White click here
Adidas Stan Smith II White / Green click here

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