Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nike x Stussy Blazer 73 Competition at Size?

Size? are currently running a competition to win a pair of Nike x Stussy Blazer 73s, and all you have to do to stand a chance of winning them is register with the site and answer a very simple question. Here is what they have to say about the Nike x Stussy Blazer 73:

Released back in the summer of 2005, the Nike collaboration with Stussy on the classic Blazer 73 was amongst the most hyped releases of the year. A key part of the L.A. Clerks Pack, the Blazer 73 was designed by Adam Weissman of Stussy.

Reportedly limited to 500 pairs worldwide, these sold out within hours of release and are a true example of deadstock. Featuring Wool-type fabric uppers, a green carpet style swoosh, a slick "L.A" motif embossed onto the insole and a leather toe box and tongue.
To enter the competition, click here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scarlett Johanson love$ Reebok

Reebok just got a whole lot more interesting. Scarlett Johanson has reportedly struck a deal with Reebok to design, model and endorse her own footwear range. The range will be known as Scarlett Hearts Rbk. Forbes reports:

"Amy Schaeffer, Reebok's vice president of lifestyle design, claimed the starlet had taken a very active role in creating the "Scarlett 'Hearts' Rbk" line from the initial concept. Johansson has apparently sat through several product and design meetings with Reebok, including a three-hour session Monday prior to her visit yesterday to its headquarters.

"We've shown her sketches throughout the design process," said Schaeffer. "She has a very strong opinion and vision," she added.

The collection of athletic-inspired pieces will apparently draw on influences from the '70s and '80s. Analysts consider the multiyear deal an attempt to rekindle department store interest in the Reebok brand and reconnect with female customers who built the company into a top athletic footwear empire during the aerobics-nutty 1980s."
Read the full article

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Girls Air Max 90 white / pink / grey

Will we ever get bored of this shoe?

No! I hear you all scream. The Nike Air Max 90 is probably my favourite Air Max of all time. Aside from all the specials and limited edition releases of late, it's nice to a general release with a fresh colourway. This white / pink / grey Nike Air Max 90 is available now from Sport-E. If you are a lady with feet size 3-8 and £84.99 to spare, I recommend you check these trainers out.

To view these trainers, click here

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nike Air Tech Challenge Petition

Further to my previous post on the legacy of the Nike Air Tech Challenge "Childhood Sneaker Dreams: Nike Air Tech Challenge 3/4 aka Air Agassi", I am pleased to spread the following words...

The nice people at Kick-Fiend are petitioning Nike to re-release this much-loved and well-missed sneaker. To sign the petition, click here.

Nike Air Max Point 5 Preview

Coming soon to JD Sports is the Nike Air Max Point 5. These trainers are a brand new release, but they are steeped in Air Max history - like the hybrid offspring of a a Nike Air Max orgy. The Nike Air Max Point 5 has inherited the Air System from the Air Max ST, the lacing and upper design from the classic Air Max 90, and the sneaker's sole unit has been modelled on the Nike BW. No release date as yet, but the Nike Air Max Point 5 is set to drop soon at £69.99, very reasonable for an Air Max.

To view the JD preview, click here.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Half price Ice Cream? My girlfriend will be happy.

The Reebok Ice Cream Collection is now half price at Kitbag, down from £149.99 to £74.99 - to view them click here

For those of you that have been sleeping, Ice Cream is a collaboration between the multifaceted Pharell Williams and the, er, multifaceted Reebok. The Ice Cream Reebok collection certainly aren't your run of the mill trainers, and I am equally as impressed by the sneakers' packaging as the shoes themselves. The Dice Flavour model is available in the white / red colourway shown above, black / green / yellow and white / green. Also available at this great price is the Beeper model, shown below in black / red / grey below, and also available in grey / green / blue.

The Ice Cream collection is a very limited edition run, and each sneaker has a limited edition number printed on the underside of the tongue. Each pair of trainers comes pacakged with two sets of laces and a flavoured shoe-horn. A great conversation piece, or a great investment. I'll have 2 scoops. Get yours

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reebok Pump Causeway

As is well known, Reebok are not strangers to the idea of inflating trainers & sneakers. The 'Reebok Pump' technology was first introuduced in 1989, allowing wearers to inflate internal air pockets via a pump (usually found on the tongue). Though the technology was used in a wide variety of Reebok models, it was rather gimmicky and faded away promptly - last seen on the retro Reebok reissues of the past couple of years.

The latest development in the Reebok Pump Saga is the brand new Reebok Pump Causeway. The Reebok Pump Causeway differs from previous Reebok Pump technology by introducing an element of artificial intelligence. The Reebok Causeway will inflate itself and adjust your level of comfort depending on your 'performance needs', typically judging the correct inflation within 5 steps. The Pump Auto/Off Smart Valve allows you to choose between auto engagement of the system, or simply turning it off. The Reebok Pump Causeway is an easy-on/off slip-on, with a removable sockliner.

The Reebok Pump Causeway is currently available to pre-order in the white / navy / silver colourway shown above right and the red / shark colourway shown right from the Reebok Store. It is also available to pre order from JD Sports in the black / silver colourway shown above left.

All at £79.99.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup Final Special: France vs Italy

Who would have thought, France, Italy, World Cup Final? It's going to be interesting. Hey, at least it's not Portugal! Whilst you mourn England's departure and continue to despise Ronaldo, why not bag a piece of World Cup history? Perfect for glory-hunting wanabees ("I always said France would do it"), or a sound investment for the future - in a few years time, these products will be very valuable to the French or the Italians, depending on who is the victor (I'm gonna go with France).

The Adidas Originals range has been nothing but good quality, well designed & individaul releases - a cut above standard high street fare. The Adidas Originals France Track Top (above) is another great item, and it's now half price at JD Sports (£24.99) - a real bargain. If you are going to wear it rather than keep it for prosperity, trainer-wise I would suggest teaming it (pun intended) with the Men's Adidas Gazelle II in the red / white colourway (right) - themselves a long standing favourite of football terraces worldwide.

If you want to get behind Italy, you're also in luck. The Adidas Originals Italy Track Top (left) is another bargain, again at half price (£24.99). For trainers, I would pair this jacket up with Men's Adidas Stan Smith II white / green (below). Though the Stan Smith was originally a tennis shoe, it's been very popular with footie fans everywhere. The green sole and tongue detail will subtley accentuate the green of the Il Tricolore on the jacket.

Whoever wins, you are sure to look fresh.

Adidas France Track Top click here
Adidas Italy Track Top click here
Adidas Gazelle II Red / White click here
Adidas Stan Smith II White / Green click here

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Air Jordan V Retro - White / Grey / Blue

No date as of yet, but these rather delightful Air Jordan Vs are due to hit Size? stores -and no doubt Size? Online- very soon.

Check em out here. The V is my favourite in the Jordan series, and I can't wait to see more great retros this year.