Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reebok Pump Causeway

As is well known, Reebok are not strangers to the idea of inflating trainers & sneakers. The 'Reebok Pump' technology was first introuduced in 1989, allowing wearers to inflate internal air pockets via a pump (usually found on the tongue). Though the technology was used in a wide variety of Reebok models, it was rather gimmicky and faded away promptly - last seen on the retro Reebok reissues of the past couple of years.

The latest development in the Reebok Pump Saga is the brand new Reebok Pump Causeway. The Reebok Pump Causeway differs from previous Reebok Pump technology by introducing an element of artificial intelligence. The Reebok Causeway will inflate itself and adjust your level of comfort depending on your 'performance needs', typically judging the correct inflation within 5 steps. The Pump Auto/Off Smart Valve allows you to choose between auto engagement of the system, or simply turning it off. The Reebok Pump Causeway is an easy-on/off slip-on, with a removable sockliner.

The Reebok Pump Causeway is currently available to pre-order in the white / navy / silver colourway shown above right and the red / shark colourway shown right from the Reebok Store. It is also available to pre order from JD Sports in the black / silver colourway shown above left.

All at £79.99.

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