Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lacoste Trainers

Lacoste is a brand that I rarely tend to associate with trainers and sneakers, but I think that their presence on UK streets is now undeniable - they seem to have become the new Reebok for Britain's youth. Lacoste trainers are not daringly different, in fact a lot of their models bear striking resemblances to some Reebok and Adidas shoes, but they have identified their target market and are designing trainers that appeal directly to them.

Lacoste was founded in 1933 as La Societe Chemise Lacoste, by French tennis player Rene Lacoste, who had been nicknamed the Alligator by US press and subsequently le Crocodile by the French. Lacoste actually created and wore the first Lacoste polo shirts himself, originally plain garments that later saw the addition of the crocodile emblem after it was created for him by a close friend. After retirement Rene Lacoste went into business with France's leading knitwear manufacturers to produce his now famous crocodile-bearing sports wear - and hey presto! One of the world's leading high-end sportswear brands was created.

So what about Lacoste trainers? On the web, really you have to check JD Sports for the best range of Lacoste shoes and some nice garments too. An obvious Lacoste shoe would be something like the Lacoste Camden Retro, shown left in black / milk white. This trainer is actually reduced right now too if you're quick - at £39.99 (down from £55). It's a nice Stan Smith-looking tennis sneaker. A similar Lacoste trainer would be the Lacoste Carnaby Trim at £49.99, another sneaker that I'm feeling.

Deviating away from tennis styles, Lacoste have just introduced the Lacoste Descend Boot, shown right - a more rugged option for any Lacoste fans seeking something more sturdy for winter, school, work and so forth. At £119.99 it's slightly less affordable than the rest of the range, but the embossed crocodile logo is sure to turn heads.

In the sports fashion / casual market Lacoste also don't fail to deliver. The Lacoste Expel Code Red is probably my pick of the bunch, in the red / white colourway shown left. Available now at £64.99.

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